How to paint and protect newly constructed buildings from moisture.

December 10, 2021
How to paint and protect newly constructed buildings from moisture. -
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When you had completed the construction of the buildings, you could have thought that was all your clients wanted. However, this is not the case. Without long-term protection and aesthetic appeal, the clients would not be satisfied and it would not only raise concerns, but it would also cause substantial delays in your ongoing projects.

Moisture is not just a problem of extreme weather; it would create major disruptions in the routines, budget, and quality of living for your projects. Just like in the UK, the number of houses affected by moisture ranges from 4% to over 25%. This simple moisture from the extreme weather would deteriorate the exterior design of the walls, create rough cracks, and compromise the structural integrity of the building. Gradually this would lead to the high cost of maintenance and an additional threat to the health of your clients.

HQC masonry paint has proposed an innovative protective coating to provide a long term solution. This is a high-quality product with leading waterproof technology. This paint would act as a double sword against all the challenges a building can face. It has been effective in protecting the surface structural integrity of the walls by blocking out water and moisture. This product is made from acrylic resin, which provides maximum protection for your property. 

In addition to adding aesthetic appeal to brick, stone, concrete, pebbledash, and plaster walls, this paint offers diversified benefits to buildings, such as long-lasting colors, thick insulating coatings, water repellency, and reduced infiltration of water.

This would not only increase the durability of the buildings but would also decrease the maintenance cost of the buildings. Its unmatched durability and long-term protection will make it able to protect your home for years. By using this paint, you would guarantee your project's safety and financial prosperity. Helping them could also increase your reputation and the impact of your construction services.

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