How could you eliminate the dangerous impacts of moisture and water on the wooden structures of a garden?

December 10, 2021
How could you eliminate the dangerous impacts of moisture and water on the wooden structures of a garden? -
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As a landscape Designer, client call you for the design of their outdoor garden. This small activity can be an act of rejuvenation for them, but they call you. Because they may not have enough time or experience for the garden, ecology, and aesthetic appeal.

Providing your clients only aesthetic appeal without durability could put them in an uncertain situation about your expertise and the credibility of the services. A garden's most important feature is its wood, which is constantly at risk of deterioration and colour fading. These conditions can be seen as a result of extreme humidity and according to a study 2.7million and 6.75 million homes out of a total of 27 million dwellings in the UK, or between approximately 6.6 million and 16.5 million people, are potentially affected by water inside or outside of their homes. 

All of the gardens could be directly affected by UV rays from the sun, heavy rain, and excessively hot temperatures. It should come as no surprise that these circumstances could present a number of difficulties for clients. They might be enticed to use your service by the prospect of long-term protection and safety from all of these dangers.

What could you do to protect your projects from the stink, fungi, and germs that would be formed after the rain and sunlight, even if you have extensive understanding of design conceptualization and horticulture?

No client would ever want to paint a wood surface over and over again. The garden arches, wood patio furniture, and wooden benches can't be painted by just any technique or paint. This is an experience-driven market, and no single client of yours would ever like to repeat the project due to damage from weather and moisture.

You can save them from this troublesome journey. With the sole solution of using HQC garden paint. It can protect all wooden surfaces from extreme rainy weather, UV rays, fungi, and bacteria. This Product is water based and it waterproofs, and helps the surface to repel water that provides a good barrier against the harmful effects of moisture and humidity.

It has been independently validated, as well as under the scrutiny of government regulatory agencies, for its effectiveness. Their solutions are closely watched by the research and development department, which employs nanotechnology to achieve exceptional results.

With stunning colors, long-term durability, and protection against the sunlight and extremely rainy weather, you can calm and boost up the confidence of your clients by mitigating their tension and gardening maintenance costs.

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