How you would add more appeal to the individual condominium and university accommodations units

December 10, 2021
How you would add more appeal to the individual condominium and university accommodations units -
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Clients look to buy a condominium for their convenience and comfort. They invest a heavy amount for the sake of security, health, environment, and protection against the external atmosphere. In a case when you neglect a building's composition and constructional material and its quality, there is a higher probability that your projects would pose health-related risks to the inhabitants and it could complain about your services being inefficient.

Providing a furnished home with all the facilities may not be enough for your projects. There could be dissatisfaction among the clients. Even if you did a fantastic job on your end, your clients will always expect more. More in terms of quality, maintenance, and long-term viability. With extreme fluctuations in the external environment, such as that reflected in a research from the Building Science Corporation, that humidity of 70% or higher adjacent to a surface can cause serious damage to the property.

Almost no one would want to live in a condominium where the hallway roofs are yellow and cracked. Plastering that is blistering away and the environment becoming patchy can increase complaints and maintenance time. Clients must be provided with solutions to these issues in order to maintain their health and the structural integrity of their buildings. 

In congested condominiums, the trapped and polluted air can be increased. Consequently, areas become unhygienic and unbreathable.

During the summer or hot climates, excessive heat could pose more problems and disturbances for all residents of the condominium. Hot climates can make room temperatures uncomfortable  and rasie the use of electrical appliances to regulate the temperatures. Alternatively, in the winter, the lack of insulation increases the amount of heat loss and affects the inside temperature of a condominium. In both cases, the use of energy could be increased causing the rise in energy consumption due to more use of air conditioners in summer and heater appliences in winter. 

By implementing proactive measures against these issues, you can ensure that your project is at its best potential with regard to durability, moisture protection, and energy efficiency. Thermilate technologies could help you solve this problem. Their technologies are scientifically proven under the provision of the research and development department. Nanotechnology was used to create their insulating scientifically tested products.

Thermilate insulating technology is what can really protect the condominium and creates a thermal barrier which helps to reflect the heat and to maintain the temperature of the interior atmosphere in the summer. By reflecting the sun’s rays, thermilate helps to prevent excessive temperatures from entering your home, which consequently reduces the energy consumption. Alternatively in cold climates, Thermilate will reflect heat back into the room helping reduce heatloss. Another important feature of Thermilate insulating technology is that condensation problems are dramatically reduced due to the special resins thus protecting the condominium from extreme moisture build up and damage due to fluctuations in external temperature. 

The most frustrating thing for your clients could be to see the cracks, rough surfaces, and moulds. They would be harmful to the prosperity of your business but can also decrease your excellent reputation. But Thermilate could provide you with long term, reliable solutions by tackling and eliminating these problems. By increasing the resistance against UV rays, moisture, and roughness, the solutions from Thermilate could increase the ultimate moisture protection, thermal insulation and durability of the overall building. By creating a healthy environment, you could achieve the prosperity of your projects and clients. 

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