Why do you need to provide robust material to the senior living homes?

December 10, 2021
Why do you need to provide robust material to the senior living homes? - PaintOutlet.co.uk
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Though you have a lot of experience in dealing with many projects, the care you have to preserve for the designing and construction of the senior living homes and apartments should be tremendous. 

As you know, seniors need a living place that is supposed to provide them protection against any possible health issues, a consistent hygienic place and easy to clean surfaces. Among all efforts to keep a hygienic atmosphere, when an unprotected interior is exposed to excessive moisture or water infiltrations, that is when there becomes an increased possibility of the growth of mould, condensation and damp. About 40% of asthma episodes are triggered by the household presences of mold, dust mites, or rats.

The cost of senior care and additional measures to maintain a healthy residential environment could put a strain on senior living home management organizations’ budgets. Increased energy consumption to maintain humidity levels, as well as maintenance costs and mounting building issues, could pose major problems.

to decrease and eliminate these challenges, the research and development department of Thermilate has manufactured PRO Interior / Exterior Wall Coating by using nanotechnology. Their scientifically proven technologies and solutions have a substantial impact in resolving the intricate problems of building structures, busy facilities, and senior living homes.  PRO S-FLEX is the latest superior flexible insulating and 100% acrylic waterproofing smooth finish wall coating from Thermilate. Guaranteed for 15 Years.

Senior living buildings pose health issues through moisture penetration into the walls, roofs, and floors. This usually creates moulds, blisters, stains on the walls, and dusty surfaces. These are lethal for many reasons. They would create pollution inside the home environment which could jeopardise the lung health of the seniors. 

In the summer, UV rays entering the residence could raise the temperature inside. In the winter, losing heat to the outside environment lowers the temperature inside the house. Energy consumption would be high in both cases.

Through using Thermilate you could eliminate the moisture penetration, decrease the condensation, increase the thermal insulation and ensure the long-term durability of the structure. These huge benefits of protection are hinged on your choice. Also, the increased breathability makes the insides more breathable and well-suited to a healthy environment. 

By using the Thermilate solution you could decrease the energy consumption on the organisations running these senior living homes. Because increased insulation decreases the energy loss and greatly hinders the entrance of heat into the homes. Thermilate can help in the creation of a healthy environment by conserving energy. All of this is made feasible by a simple solution based on Thermilate technologies.

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