Coca-Cola Enterprises The iconic Coca-Cola approached Thermilate with regard to a problem of condensation on the pipe work in their factory. The thousands of pipes carrying liquids including Coke Cola) running across the factory had to have the foam insulation on them removed in order to prevent condensation and corrosion under insulation (CUD).                

It was a case of resolving one problem and being faced with another. To solve the condensation problem, Thermilate recommended Coca-Cola use TRADE Metal, a specialised coating which holds onto' the heat in the surrounding environment. TRADE Metal was applied across the pipes for the purpose of reducing the condensation forming on the surface.

TRADE Metal successfully prevented the condensation forming on the pipe work. Coca-Cola was so pleased with the results, that they tested TRADE Metal (Thermilate's flagship energy saving product) on the roof of the factory, upon noticing significant energy-savings, they are now looking to use the product in all their factories across Europe