Where can it be applied?

HQC Drive Sealer can be applied on the residential and commercial pavement.

Surface Preparation 

Here is the process:

Pressure wash the area to remove any dirt or grime from the surface. Ideally, jet washing the surface and rigorous scrubbing is required to keep every particle of dirt out of the tarmac.

Rust remover and grease remover must be applied if required to keep the rust and grease away.

Let it stay as it is for a day before you apply your concrete sealer.


HQC Drive Sealer covers 5-8 m2 per litre.

How to apply?

Shake the concrete sealer rigorously to mix the contents well

Pile length rollers must be used for application

Dip the roller head in the concealer and apply to on the concrete surface

Wait for 2 hours after application before continuing with the second coat

Drying times:

1-2 hours are required for the sealer to dry

Add Product Data Sheet + Safety Data Sheet. 


Do not expose the HQC Drive Sealer to extreme temperatures. Storing it in a cool, dry place would be ideal.