Where can it be applied? 

You can apply HQC Furniture paint on all wooden furniture items irrespective of their surface and size.

Surface Preparation 

Covering the wood might need different steps in preparation, but the basic steps include cleaning the surface completely, so you dust off the brush and make your surface ready for painting.


Under normal conditions, this paint provides coverage of up to 14 m2 per litre.

How to apply?

Once the surface is cleaned, open the HQC furniture paint box.

Choose the application method. Spray, roller, or brushes are a few options you have.

Apply evenly. Start from a particular corner and keep the stroke the same. Cover the entire surface.

Once it dries, apply another coat of paint to give it a nice and elegant look.

Drying times: 

It will take 1-2 hours for drying completely

Add Product Data Sheet + Safety Data Sheet

Storing Paint 

After use, you have to clean your brushes and other equipment, and clean water should be enough of the cleaning agent. The leftover paint must be stored in a cool, dry location, and it will help in future paint ventures or regular touch-ups. Do not store in extreme temperatures (min 7OC, max 40OC) and protect from frost.