Where can it be applied?

You can apply HQC Tarmac Paint on all Tarmac surface and pathways.

Surface Preparation:

Clean the surface properly to remove any particles of dirt, grease or stains. You can use stain cleaners and grease removal for this purpose. Ideally, jet washing the surface and rigorous scrubbing is required to keep every particle of dirt out of the tarmac.


4-6m2 per litre coat depending on surface porosity.

How to apply?

Once the surface is cleaned, choose the brush, roller or air sprayer depending upon your ease. Tarmac paint can be applied with any of these.

Apply in a thin uniform cat all over the surface.

Wait for it to dry.

Drying times:

The paint will require 1-2 hours to achieve the touch dry condition.

If you choose to thin the paint

Thinning is not recommended in this case 

Add Product Data Sheet + Safety Data Sheet: 

Storing Paint 

You must cover the tarmac paint when not in use and keep it away from the high temperature.