Paintoutlet cares utmost for the satisfaction and happiness of clients. To ensure the efficiency and productivity of our products we do a lot of tests on our products so you can get the results you have expectations for. We do a minimum of 20 tests for each of our paint products to ensure efficient outcomes.

We give these products to government and independent testing agencies so they could analyse the paints independently with confidence.  As your buildings, residential apartments, warehouses, and commercial buildings could go through a number of problems such as cracks, blistering paint, discolouration, mould growth, bacterial contamination, condensation, rising and penetrating damp, and decreased thermal insulation. That's why we do tests on each of these aspects to ensure the proficient working of our products.

To ensure your great experience with our paints we do multiple tests for this aspect only such as ease of application, adhesion on different substrates, it’s drying, brush marks, and cleaning ability. These tests ensure the working efficiency of the paints on any surface and condition.

Then to ensure the protection against different harmful impacts such as the external harsh environment, internal unhealthy environment, moisture and water we have more tests of ageing, scrub resistance, mould growth, damp and condensation control, weather resistance, and crack bridging. Through these tests we finalise the results that our products are capable of tackling these problems rigorously.

To confirm the end results we do more tests of water thinning, brush and roller application, and recoat speed. These tests demand our huge investment and we do all this for your satisfaction and happiness.

Then incredibly, we do 20 more tests for special conditions. Because sometimes a paint has to bear multiple adverse conditions at the same time and testing such conditions gives the data to analyse and improve the quality of the paints.

With such detailed and precisely crafted tests our paints withstand any unbearable condition to ensure the safety of our clients and their properties.

We believe that everyone should have access to industry-leading products, not just professionals. That's why we make our products available to all, so that you can take advantage of them at  no extra costs