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Do you want to keep your surfaces brand new and rich in colour? Some surfaces need special protection and maintenance to keep them new and prevent discolourization and dullness. Paint Outlet provides a wide range of surface coatings including Tarmac, Tenis Courts, Driveways, Bathrooms, Kitchens and more. All these paints are environmentally friendly with their water-based technology to protect the environment from all kinds of hazardous chemicals. All our Specialist Coatings are scientifically tested and proven for providing satisfactory and promised results with completely wipable, grease-resistant, heat loss resistant and anti-mould coatings.
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  • HQC Blackboard And Chalkboard Paint 1 Litre

    HQC Blackboard And Chalkboard Paint 1 Litre

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  • HQC Tarmac, Tennis Court, Driveway Reviver/Restoring Paint