PRO Roof Primer -
PRO Roof Primer
    PRO Roof Primer -
    PRO Roof Primer
PRO Roof Primer -
  • APPLICATION METHOD: Brush, Roller OR Spray
  • Water based: 100%
  • Finish: Matt
  • 12-16 per 1 coat Coverage:
PRO Roof Primer
PRO Roof Primer -
PRO Roof Primer
    PRO Roof Primer -
    PRO Roof Primer
PRO Roof Primer -
  • APPLICATION METHOD: Brush, Roller OR Spray
  • Water based: 100%
  • Finish: Matt
  • 12-16 per 1 coat Coverage:
PRO Roof Primer



Thermilate PRO ROOF PRIMER is a water-based primer specially formulated prepared clay tile roofs for painting with PRO ROOF. To get the best results make sure surfaces are clean and dry. When the surface has been fully prepared, apply one coat of PRO ROOF PRIMER. When fully dry, apply 2 coats of the selected PRO ROOF Paint.


  • The primer aids in the adhesion of the coating by producing a bond between clay roof tiles prior to coating to avoid flaking or peeling.

Trusted Across The Globe For Over 25 Years By Major Companies And Industries: This one of a kind technology is patent protected and has been applied on more than ten million square feet across the world including major hotels, apartment buildings & aircraft hangers.  used & trusted by top major companies around the world including Coca Cola, Rolls Royce, Holiday Inn, IKEA and many more blue chips


  • Saves Energy, Saves Money
  • Helps prevent unsightly toxic mould
  • Easy to use for all painters and decorators
  • Works on both internal and external
  • Reduces heat loss and heat gain
  • Seals chalky & powdery surfaces
  • Colourless and fast drying primer 
  • Keeps the surface smooth
  • Low VOC level
  • Saves you energy and money
  • Easy to use for all painters and decorators
  • Scientifically tested & proven in top laboratories worldwide & government bodies


  • High Quality Insulating Roof Primer: The world first insulating roof primer which safeguard for surface from the harshest weathering & conditions whilst preventing heat loss and heat gain all year round, ultimately reducing property utility bills 
  • Prevent Surface From Peeling, Flaking & Blistering: This acrylic primer aids in the adhesion of the coating by producing a bond between clay roof tiles prior to coating to avoid flaking or peeling.
  • Fast Drying Primer: Wastes no time for the surface to be ready after sealing. When it is dry, apply 2 coats of PRO ROOF Coating.
  • Totally Clear & Colourless: Pro Roof Primer will not interrupt the colour & shapes of your wish to use for the surface, as it is fully transparent keeping your surface just as you decorated but with an extra layer of protection.
  • Provides Extra Layer Of Insulation: Pro Roof Primer will help reflect heat from entering through your roof/walls, helping rooms stay cooler  in the summer, Alternatively help retain and reflect heat back in your rooms in winter, helping reducing the pressure on heating and cooling equipment all year round.


When a 1% reduction in the thermostat results in up to a 10 percent energy-saving. Thermilate brings a revolutionary breakthrough low-cost decorating solution to all properties.

Encouraging all homeowners to take advantage of decorating with high-quality products and insulating their property by simply painting with Thermilate products, lower your carbon footprint and reduce your energy costs which helps pay for itself.

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    Shipping & delivery times? 🚚

    Deliveries to UK Mainland are FREE of charge on orders above £50. For orders below this amount, Premium & Tracked shipping costs £6.95.

    Premium & Tracked Delivery times ranges between 24-48 hours MON- FRI depending on the time of day order is placed. (Saturday delivery sometimes available depending on courier) -

    Shipping for colour tester pots or pouches are FREE. (may take longer to deliver via royal mail)

    • Extra very important information on shipping:

    All orders made fresh on order and shipped directly from our uk based factory.

    We take pride in providing fast and efficient shipping services, with a typical delivery time ranging between 24-48 hours.

    Our shipments are fully tracked, so you can monitor the progress of your order from the moment it leaves our factory to the time it arrives at your doorstep. Please note that some tester/sample pots are sent via Royal Mail and may take a few days to arrive.

    Please note that the shipping time may vary depending on the time of day when you place your order and when it is shipped.

    We do our best to send out orders for next day delivery, but in some cases, this may not be possible. We use a 24 hour next day shipping courier but guarantee a 48-hour delivery, unless we have contacted you to arrange an alternative.

    • Custom Delivery Information:

    If you would like to request any special shipping options for example: delivery before 12 noon, before 10am or a Saturday delivery, please call our office (0330 330 9824) for a quote for the additional charge if necessary. Deliveries to Channel Islands cost £8.00 per parcel.

    • Worldwide Delivery:

    Please call or email our office for a bespoke quote based on your individual requirements.

    • Delivery Schedule:

    Deliveries take place Monday - Friday from 8am to 6pm (excluding bank holidays), unless a Saturday delivery has been selected. Saturday deliveries are between 8am and 1pm. We cannot specify a particular delivery time unless you have requested a before 12 noon or before 10am service. Please note that we do not deliver on Sundays.

    • Order Inspection and Claims:

    We kindly ask you to check your order carefully as soon as it has been delivered and inform us of any missing, wrong, or damaged items within 24 hours of receipt. We cannot support a claim to our couriers after this time. Please ensure that you store the items you have ordered in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

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    How to prepare your surface? 🏡


    Reading the following information below will help you understand how to prepare all surfaces to be painted like a pro.

    Whether you’re painting your Interior, Exterior or furniture. The surface preparation remains the same.

    To get the best adhesion & results from Landlords Paint, you need to get your surface ready in 3 Short Steps.  

    It's critical to achieve perfect results.

    Step 1):

    If your painting on pre-painted surfaces, Ensure your surfaces are dry, & have been cleaned and if there's any rough patches surfaces must be repaired and sanded. 

    (If your painting on fresh plaster please apply a base-coat or a primer before painting, thinning this paint with 50% water will allow a thin layer to be used as a base/mist coat) (use primer on wood & metal surfaces.)

    Step 2):

    Ensure your wall cracks are filled and repaired to minimise risk of damp.

    Step 3):

    Ensure your wall or surface is fully dried, dust-free, and condensation-free with no flaking paints.

    (NOTE: MOULD, Condensation and Damp problems only grow back when the root issue of the problem is not solved. Mainly caused by bad ventilation & water ingress)

    Heres Quick, Full guide for homeowners & painters like you on how prepare your surfaces like a pro, in no time…  Click Here

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    How to use your paint: 🎨

    Once your surface is prepared, you're ready to paint!

    Very Easy-to-Apply: You can use Brush, Roller or Airless Sprayer on all Interior and Exterior walls & rooms, including all concrete surfaces such as slabs, block paving, tarmac and all brick and masonry surfaces.

    (NOTE: All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease/dirt before painting.)

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    Common questions: 🙋

    Should i use a primer before painting?

    Use primer if required and this should be used on most unpainted surfaces. OR If you are going to paint on absorbent surfaces like fresh plaster, bricks, stone and or concrete surfaces, you can make a mist coat by mixing your first coat with 50% water. 

    Can i use this on Wood or metal?

    (This product is also suitable to be used on wood (wood surfaces must be sanded for a smooth finish) & metal surfaces and Furniture with a good quality primer OR HQC universal primer.)

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    PRO Roof Primer

    28 day money back guarantee
    Size: 20L
    Colour: Clear
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    About this Brand

    PRO RANGE by Thermilate technologies - professional EXTERIOR and INTERIOR paints, coatings and plaster products create a 360° envelope of the most cost-effective decorative insulation available today. Used commercially and industrial now available to everyone


    Mould killng barrier
    Easy clean
    Hard wearing

    Thermilate PRO ROOF PRIMER

    Essential Primer for Clay Roofs
    Enhances paint adhesion
    Prevents flaking and peeling
    Globally trusted technology
    Energy-efficient solution
    Ideal for pre-painting preparation

    Enhanced Adhesion for Coating

    Thermilate PRO ROOF PRIMER enhances adhesion for coating by producing a strong bond between clay roof tiles, ensuring long-lasting performance without flaking or peeling.

    Prevents Flaking or Peeling

    Prevent flaking or peeling of the coating by using Thermilate PRO ROOF PRIMER, which creates a stable foundation for the subsequent layers of paint.

    Trusted Technology with Proven Performance

    Trust in the patented technology of Thermilate PRO ROOF PRIMER, which has been trusted by major companies and industries worldwide for over 25 years.

    Patent Protected Innovation

    Benefit from the innovative and patented formulation of Thermilate PRO ROOF PRIMER, ensuring unique and effective performance.

    Energy-Saving Decorating Solution

    Experience energy-saving benefits with Thermilate, offering a revolutionary low-cost decorating solution that helps reduce energy costs and lower your carbon footprint.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Choose an environmentally friendly option with Thermilate, which encourages homeowners to use high-quality products for property insulation and decoration.

    Cost-Effective Property Insulation

    Enjoy cost-effective property insulation with Thermilate, providing a simple and effective solution for improving energy efficiency and comfort.

    Reduced Carbon Footprint

    Contribute to reducing your carbon footprint by using Thermilate products, which help lower energy consumption and promote sustainable living.

    Easy Application Process

    Appreciate the easy application process of Thermilate PRO ROOF PRIMER, making it convenient for homeowners to prepare their roofs for painting with PRO ROOF.


    The new HQC Anti Damp Paint is a high-performance solution developed to create a breathable, obliterating membrane that seals and permanently stops the reappearance of damp, water, and other household stains.It is your go-to paint if you have damp issues on your walls.


    Enhanced Adhesion for Coating
    Prevents Flaking or Peeling
    Trusted Technology with Proven Performance
    Patent Protected Innovation
    Energy-Saving Decorating Solution
    Environmentally Friendly
    Cost-Effective Property Insulation
    Reduced Carbon Footprint
    Easy Application Process


    Pro Range offers commercial-grade paint quality at a consumer-friendly price. Our products are designed with the finest materials to deliver a paint that stands up to industrial standards and provides significant savings.
    color photo black and white


    The Pro Range is infused with professional-grade additives that boost paint performance in all conditions, offering longevity and advanced features such as one of one insulating feature, mould resistance and enhanced adhesion.
    color photo black and white


    Utilising select only high-quality pigments for the Pro Range to ensure your Colours are bright, bold, and lasting, withstanding the rigors of both time and environment.
    color photo black and white


    Our high-grade resins provides a resilient, waterproof coating that ensures superior coverage and protection against wear and tear, keeping your surfaces looking professionally painted for years.

    US Vs. THEM

    US Vs. THEM

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    Social Proof
    Batch Quality
    Colour Opacity
    Insulating & Energy Saving

    PRO Roof Primer

    Lowest possible pricing for professional-grade coatings
    High quality Decorative insulation for both interior and exterior
    Industrial-level quality now available for home use
    Used all around the world in commercial and now in residential spaces
    Guaranteed high quality & insulation and high-quality finish
    Advanced technology for effective protection & insulation
    Made fresh on order with highest quality materials
    Choose any colour at no extra costs
    Insulates & saves energy for homes and businesses
    Low maintenance, paint once with a durable finish and only paint again when you desire another colour

    Other Product in the market

    Professional coatings at a highest price points
    Only decorative, minimum features - Have to buy multiple paint for different surfaces
    Commercial paints not always suitable or available for home use
    Often limited to businesses or specialist projects
    Unknown quality and finish guarantees may vary
    None to little investment in technology
    Quality unknown & can vary widely among brands
    Costs extra for in colour
    No energy savings features
    High maintenance , unknown quality - fails & makes you keep repainting

    How to use this product?

    Step 1


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    Prep your area and walls by sanding, cleaning, and ensuring the surface is smooth & dry - use primer (or mist coat) on bare surfaces or fresh plaster board

    Step 2


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    Paint with either a roller, brush or spray

    Step 3


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    Clean up any excess paint with cloths and any type you’ve used

    Step 4


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    Enjoy your newly decorated spaces and decor



    We’re revolutionizing the decorating industry with higher quality products at a lower cost, while striving to eliminate paint waste.