HQC Stabilising Primer

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A water-based primer specially formulated to seal unstable areas that remain powdery and chalky after the surface has been thoroughly prepared for painting with HQC Masonry Paints. Product is great for preparing old walls prior to re-skimming and can be applied brick, stone, render, concrete, plaster, pebble dash, stucco, existing painted surfaces friable surfaces prior to over-coating etc. To get the best results make sure surfaces to be sealed are sound, clean and dry. When the surface has been fully prepared, any areas that remain powdery and dusty should be sealed with a coat of HQC Stabilising Primer. When fully dry, apply 2 coats of the selected HQC Masonry Paint. HQC Stabilising Primer is colourless.


  • Highly Penetrating
  • Binds Chalking Surfaces
  • Suitable for use Under most Masonry Paints
  • Stabilises powdery masonry surfaces
  • Penetrates deeply into dusty chalky and badly weathered surfaces
  • Suitable for both internal external
  • Ready for use
  • Low VOC level

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