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Size: 10L
Color: Black
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HQC Masonry Paint is an environmentally friendly coating suitable for painting on concrete, plaster, pebble-dash, brick and stone walls. Product keeps exteriors looking cleaner and protected, drastically reducing maintenance requirements.

High quality product with leading weatherproof technology.  Formulated with acrylic resin that provides ultimate protection to your property. The paint will offer years of protection against extreme weather conditions, ensuring unrivalled durability and long lasting protection. 



  • Repels Water
  • High scrub resistance
  • Keeps your walls moisture and mould -free
  • Extremely Long lasting & Cost-effective
  • Extremely low maintenance, designed to freshen up your walls & keep them fresh
  • A simple and fresh look made to last
  • Add curb appeal to your home
  • Used on luxury and commercial properties, now available to everyone
  • Very Easy to apply, Trade quality for all homeowners
  • Prevents fading, blistering, and peeling
  • Withstands the most extreme weather conditions
  • Scientifically Tested & Proven in top laboratories worldwide & government bodies 


Made to colour but also provide unrivalled protection like no other paint on the market.  


    • The Strongest Paint On The Market: HQC Masonry Paint spoke for it self as soon as it was on the market... Formulated with the highest quality acrylic resin which provides bulletproof protection for years against extreme climate conditions and the harshest elements. 

    • Extreme Weathersheild Technology: Say Good-Bye to Water and moisture Infiltration. This one of kind formula provides impeccable resistance even in most adverse weather conditions and time degradation. 


    • Moisture & Mould Free Walls: Once fully cured, HQC will prevent water from penetrating the wall surface whilst still allowing water vapour to pass. This means residual dampness within the wall can evaporate and Lesser chances of fungal growth or paint peeling. Your walls can stay new-like and fresh for a longer time.

    • High-Scrub & Scuff Resistant : Forget about repainting and "refreshing your walls" every year. This paint is made for extremely durability and longevity. Providing fully cleanable surfaces by just wiping away to "refresh" your walls.


    • Environmentally-Friendly: Minimal VOC levels & water-based combined with extreme breathability helps to keep a good air in your environment remains clean and breathable.


    Besides, the availability of this HQC weatherproof paint in multiple sizes makes its use more manageable, allowing you to try different colours. The product’s even texture ensures easy application and more extensive area coverage.


    Colours available in:

    Black, White, Brown, Leaf Brown, Light Grey, Classic Grey, Dove Grey, Duck Egg, Light Blue, Pale Blue, Marina Blue, Ivory, Baby Pink, Racing Green, Sage Green, Terracotta, Sandstone, Light Beige, Bagels, Magnolia, Red Brick/ Rich Red/ Rustic Red, Pine Forest/ The Garden/ Waterfall

    Whats the Coverage?

    This product approximately covers 12-16 per 1 coat,  6 - 8 per litre per 2 coats.  Depending on the colour and porosity of the surface.

    Can be used in all homes and commercial properties including Residential, Spas, Gyms, Schools, Universities, Hospitals and many more. 


    Drying Time: (Note: drying times, depends on the climate conditions when painting)

    Touch Dry: 2 h

    Re-coatable: 4 h

    IMPORTANT: Ensure you have enough paint in one batch, if you are using more than one container please ensure you mix the two containers in a single bucket to ensure colour consistency. (Due to batch variations)

    Depending on the surface and the colour being painted 1 or more coats may be required. Allow 4- 6 hours in-between coats. The product is easy to apply - brush, roller or spray. 


    Reading the following information below will help you understand how to paint & Prepare all surfaces like a pro.


    Whether you’re painting your Interior, Exterior or furniture. The surface preparation remains the same.

    To get the best adhesion & results from HQC Paint, you need to get your surface ready in 3 Short Steps.  

    It's critical to achieve perfect results.

    Step 1):

    If your painting on pre-painted surfaces, Ensure your surfaces are dry, & have been cleaned and if there's any rough patches surfaces must be repaired and sanded. 

    (If your painting on fresh plaster please apply a base-coat or a primer before painting, thinning this paint with 50% water will allow a thin layer to be used as a base/mist coat) (use primer on wood & metal surfaces.)

    Step 2):

    Ensure your wall cracks are filled and repaired to minimise risk of damp.

    Step 3):

    Ensure your wall or surface is fully dried, dust-free, and condensation-free with no flaking paints.

    (NOTE: MOULD, Condensation and Damp problems only grow back when the root issue of the problem is not solved. Mainly caused by bad ventilation & water ingress)

    Heres Quick, Full guide for homeowners & painters like you on how prepare your surfaces like a pro, in no time…  Click Here



    Once your surface is prepared, you're ready to paint!

    Very Easy-to-Apply: You can use Brush, Roller or Airless Sprayer on all Interior and Exterior walls & rooms, including all concrete surfaces such as slabs, block paving, tarmac and all brick and masonry surfaces.

    (NOTE: All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease/dirt before painting.)


    Common Questions:

    Should i use a primer before painting?

    Use primer if required and this should be used on most unpainted surfaces. OR If you are going to paint on absorbent surfaces like fresh plaster, bricks, stone and or concrete surfaces, you can make a mist coat by mixing your first coat with 50% water. 

    Can i use this on Wood or metal?

    (This product is also suitable to be used on wood (wood surfaces must be sanded for a smooth finish) & metal surfaces and Furniture with a good quality primer OR HQC universal primer.)

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