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Thermilate Thermalmix Insulating Paint Additive is a revolutionary paint additive that makes almost any paint or coating insulate.

Developed by our highly-skilled Research and Development team, it cuts down energy use and reduces heat loss through your walls and ceilings, therefore helping to reduce your energy bills.

Thermalmix has been independently tested and scientifically proven to work by world leading laboratories and government bodies. By using the latest NanoCNB insulating technologies to create an effective thermal barrier, Thermalmix prevents heat loss through your walls and ceilings.

Room temperatures typically increase by up to 2 to 3°C, and stay warmer for longer. Thermalmix is for domestic and commercial use, and can be applied almost anywhere conventional paint and coatings are used.

Thermalmix is also used in hot countries on the exterior of buildings to reflect heat away and keep the inside cooler. Thermalmix is one of the fastest growing, simple to use, yet effective energy-saving products available, and our ever-growing list of distributors are now located in over 20 countries.

Thermalmix has been independently tested to UK, EU and ASTM standards, and is used throughout the world.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Empty the paint into a large bucket.
  • Empty a bottle of Thermalmix into the same bucket.
  • Mix using a manual hand paint stirrer or use a drill-based stirrer.
  • Clean dirt from the surface
  • Prepare the surface carefully
  • Apply only in dry condition

Make Sure

  • A minimum of two coats of paint containing should be applied
  • Apply a final third coat of paint without Thermalmix mixed into it.
  • The surface is not Oily, otherwise, paint won’t stick

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